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>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, it is september 11th, i am dave clark. >> steve paulson is here. >> thank you, dave clark, pam cook. there is a little low spinning off the coast hoping to reinforce that, still some toasty numbers inland but probably down two to three degrees, here is sal. traffic looks good on highway 4 although we are getting slowed traffic driving west, it is moving well on 680 southbound, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. we have developing news this morning we are following out of san jose, we first told you about it at 4:30 this
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morning. lorraine blanco was taken to the hospital because of injuries. >> reporter: yes, a man was taken to the hospital with second degree burns and others did get out okay and firefighters are doing what they call overhaul. stopping hot spots and salvaging whatever they can. they quickly called a second alarm at 3:00 a.m. finding out there may be people trapped inside the apartment building in monterey. two people had to jump out of windows possibly out of the second story where the fire originated. one person suffered third- degree burns. it took 30 minutes to put the fire out and it took challenges because people were sharing common attic space. there is also water damage in three other apartments and the cause is still under
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investigation. reporting live lorraine blackco -- blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. 11 years ago today more than 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. the bay area and the rest of the country will be honoring those victims. tara moriarty is in san francisco with more on what the fire department is doing to remember the victims, tara? >> reporter: we are here at fire station 7 and at 6:59 they will be ringing their apparatus bell which will signal the last alarm. they will be lowering the flag to half staff and observing a moment of silence. the tower is lit up in red white and blue and in an hour and a half all three firehouses will remember the 343 firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. if you would like to observe the ceremony and honor the
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fallen of new york city and flight 93 and the pentagon, all are welcome at the fire station. >> it is a tradition since then we read all the names at the time of the accident of the tragedy we read all the names in the morning so it is emotional, it is quiet, somber moment. >> now in addition to the observances in san jose there will be a flame lighting ceremony at oak hill memorial park and then again at 6:00 tonight. another ceremony is planned in sugar mill landing park. for more on the area events you can log on to our website i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. later this morning, ceremonies will begin to remember 9/11. in this morning's ceremony in
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lower manhattan at the world trade center site, they will read the names of the people who died. in the years ahead, many steps have been taken to secure what happened in the united states but several new reports suggest there is more work to be done. we will hear more on that coming up to our live washington d.c. bureau. also paying tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks. this is new video from new zealand. first responders said prayers for those who paid the ultimate price. it is the year that new zealand's service and the american club of christ's church marked 9/11. overnight, the chp is investigating a fatal motorcycle crash one that shut down east bay oakland for a while. witnesses are ared seeing the wreckage in the left lane of
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580 right near the on ramp. they actually used their cars blocking off the crash scene until the police arrived. the man in his 060s died of his injuries and the cause of that crash continues. they are looking to release radioactive contamination. u.s. navy contractors may have mishandled contaminated material. the navy is now preparing to transfer the former station over to san francisco for a new housing development at a cost of $105 million but everything depends on whether deadlines are met including cleaning up hazardous waste. >> sal was talking about construction, is it all cleaned
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up? >> there are some areas being cleaned up and you will see some road work in certain areas but starting off on the east shore traffic looks good on the way to the mcarthur maze and on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza and as we continue to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light. yesterday we had quite a day there so we are expecting more traffic coming into san francisco. 201 and 880 are off to a good start, let's go to steve. fog is increasing but now it is starting to cool off, coastal eddie, a good friend of mine, i have known him over a few years. and then turning around, i was telling our producer there is a rollercoaster ride and sometimes we warm up and sometimes we are on a cooling trip and start to see warmer weather by the end of the week.
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there are some suddenel changes, more cast models are not in sink. there are hints of warmer weather and until then there is a fight between lower or higher 49 to 59, southwest to travis, there is a component down towards the valley with a westerly breeze, nothing outrageous or anything, one day the high builds in and then it looks like low pressure winds. 60s and 70s to near 90 degrees. a little cooler to wednesday, looks like transition day, i would think saturday looks to be the warmest and sunday is a little cooler. >> all right, steve, some warnings this morning for mayor jean quan, why city attorneys say she may be charged with
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contempt of court. an act of heroism at a sikh temple in wisconsin. what happened when they were already wounded by 15 bullets. and traffic is moving well getting up to the tunnel, we will tell you more about the morning commute. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. time now 510, terrifying scene at a sikh temple, it is all on the police car's dash board camera. [ sirens ] >> you will be able to see the police lieutenant walking across, his gun is drawn, then he collapses, he has been shot 15 times by the gunman. as page walks up, a second camera shows the officer distracting the gunman and then he shoots page wounding him. page later shot himself in the head. a bomb had georgia is accused of pointing a gun at a congressman. gloria was arrested sunday
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after confronting tray at a parking lot at a church. he then backed off and was not hurt. her daughter has a history of mental illness. they don't think she knew he was a congressman. she was there visiting her family. they are there to remember thousands of people killed 11 years ago today. this is a live picture at ground zero and many things will be happening throughout the day but particularly at 8:39 new york time, about 20 minutes from now, our time the program begins, there will be the world trade center, flag will be led through the young people's course of new york city will perform the national anthem, at 846, 546 our time,
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the first time the plane hit the world trade center tower, there will be a moment of silence and family members will be reading the names of everybody who was killed 11 years ago today. now several reports say america's security is still vulnerable 11 years after the attacks. allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom where congress is holding hearings on post 9/11 security today. >> reporter: we are outside the front of the east capital building where in just a couple of hours, members of house and nate will gather on the capital steps to sing god bless america just like they did 11 years ago today. it is a show of unity in this very tense political season and there are also several hearings about the security. we get a scathing report about
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the security administration which says the agency is failing to meet taxpayers' expectation and it is hurting confidence in air travel. another government investigation reveals four out of five hospitals are failing to protect highly radio active material that could be used in a dirty bomb and that terrorists are still intent on launching such an attack here in the united states. for now allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. stay here for continuing live coverage throughout the morning. we also have a list for rememberance events on our website just look for the hot topics section. mayor jean quan has some serious legal problems. the group that is working to impose changes on the oakland police department say they have been trying to get mayor jean
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quan to testify, and instead, she has canceled her depositions claiming she has other places to be. mayor jean quan said she is planning to attend a deposition on september 25th. now the attorney says if she does not show up she may be charged with contempt of court. they are investigating a shooting where one person was hurt. it happened at about 4:30 on fairfax avenue. the gunman opened fire on four people but only one was shot. so far no arrests have been made. the u.s. d.a. is buying meat from a central california slaughter house at the center of an animal cruelty investigation. they have improved oversight for animal welfare. safety inspections were performed last week and investigators found no evidence of sick cattle entering the food supply but this comes
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after an undercover video for shocking and kicking cattle as a way to bring them to be slaughtered. four extra trains will run on the line between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. during the week. that means the trains will be coming about ever 7.5 minutes. they set some ridership records last month. >> very nice. >> yeah. >> let's check in with sal for traffic, how is traffic, sal? we are starting off in contra costa county and we are just a little slow in antioch but it does look good in bay point and the venetia bridge looks very nights also here at the bay bridge toll plaza continues to be light but about an hour from now we will start seeing a bigger delay.
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also driving in south bay 101, that traffic is light. let's go to steve. moving up the marin coast, it looks like it is making its way around the lighthouse and continues up north but it is solid towards the san mateo coastline. on shore looks to be firing up and down in the desert of southern california right now they are staying down there, it got wiped out and it looks like they will turn more westerly today and it will help that sea breeze and increase that low cloud deck with very cool readings across the board and it looks like lows are running 2 to 4 degrees cooler. still a component of a sea breeze and we'll see if it picks up in the next two hours. one day the high winds are out,
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yesterday it looks like a lower winds. slightly cooler temperatures, still increasing and it looks like it's not going to last too long. temperatures will warm back up again, so a subtle change day- to-day, it looks cooler for most, breezy at times, a couple of locations, 60s and 70s and 80s to a few 90l1sl0 and we start to turn things around, with warmer inland temperatures, it looks like it will last only two days with a cooler pattern back in. investors are waiting to see what happens as a federal reserve moves in. it looks like here in the u.s. over here asian stocks dropped and they wait for europe to deal with the major debt crisis. looking at the european markets, they are all down, some of them not a lot but some
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of them are down as much as a half of a percent. right now futures are indicating a pretty good opening in just about an hour. campus 2 has been leaked and the blog, 9 to 5 mac printed these new photos. the space light pictures will be almost a mile in circumference. the main building will be covered in solar panels and apple hopes to open the campus in 2015. time now 5:19, can we talk football? >> yes. >> some famous sing gers are telling a star he has to pay up. what aaron rogers has to do to settle a bet after they beat the packers. and they will protect the bridge from terror attacks and
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major disasterrers. don't forget you can get news to go, get the app, click on the live icon and watch ktvu channel 2 morning news live on the smart phone and be connected any time anywhere. 3q
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. welcome back, a federal appeals court has blocked and
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required cell phone dealers to advertise cell phones. the city cannot force retailers to pass a long health warnings to customers. that ordinance would require them to tell customers about dangerous levels of radiation from cell phones. the ordinance will remain barred for now while both sides talk about it in court. a man who supposedly posed as a fake doctor, he is accused of running a fake dermatology clinic in the mission district. he is charged with rape, practicing medicine without a license and identity theft. as we pause to remember 9/11, crews working on the bay bridge say make -- say they are making sure the bridge will withstand an attack. they will make changes to
5:24 am
prevent it from collapses during bombs. crews are also protecting it from earthquakes. >> we are going beyond what the standards are because we know we are building it in a seismic area. >> there are groups of cables making it the strongest in the world. they are designed to keep it from sagging over time. ceo mark zuckerberg will give his first public speech since may. he is scheduled to be speaking this afternoon in san francisco. facebook investors are waiting to find out whether mark zuckerberg will shift his attention to facebook's future after stock had not done so well lately. and seat sales, the team said they had sold $670 million
5:25 am
in seats. 70% of the current season ticket holders have held seats as well as spending thousands of dollars each to do it. more than 26,000 seats were sold in three months and the stadium is due to open in two years. along with with loosing sunday's game, the green bay star has lost a bet. aaron rogers had a friendly bet going on with the group boys to men, one of them being a 49ers fan. he said aaron rogers agreed to post a picture of himself wearing an alice smith jersey and they did. they beat them and they know aaron rogers is focusing on his next game against the bears and they will give him as much time as he needs to make good on
5:26 am
that bet. time now 5:25, i bet sal knows all about our morning commute, how are we doing? >> it is moving nicely along the bay, let's look at 280 getting to highway 17, a very busy are could door but right now we still have time to get there before traffic gets terrible and no major problems on 680 southbound and yesterday we had a terrible commute because of the minor accidents and today it is still looking good through fremont into san jose, let's go go to steve. a rather solid san mateo coastline and 60s with an on shore push, still two to three degrees cooler than yesterday, here is dave. 11 years later, the bay area joining the nation to
5:27 am
remember the 9/11 terrorist attacks, these are live pictures of new york right now. we will take you to new york, san francisco and all across the country where ceremonies are taking place. please wait, we cannot afford to let this meeting get dismissed... >> very high emotions at a meeting in vallejo, the message people were trying send and we will have more on why it didn't go over well with the committee. and they have stepped up patrols near schools here and why it was prompted with interaction between a teenage girl and a stranger... ome crescent dough
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. well, good morning, time now 5:30, let's check in with steve paulson. i guess it is cooling down a bit today. it depends, 60s and 70s around the bay. a few locations will come down two to three degrees, still mild to warp, here is sal. good morning, traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good getting out to the high-rise with no major problems and also on the bay bridge westbound it is guest -- getting more crowded but still a nice drive into san francisco. let's go back to dave and palm. a teen reported that a man tried to kidnap her.
5:31 am
live with the details with what the teen is saying and how the police are reacting, alex? >> reporter: yes, the police will be out in force near the schools and it's all in response to an attempted kidnapping last week. a 15-year-old girl reported a strain engineer offered her a ride. the man got out and grabbed her but she was able to fight hip off. in addition they will issue a warning about the man who is in his late 30s with chest lengths dreadlocks and mustache. he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and at the time he was driving a black older model four-door sedan. police are asking for any information on this man who was involved in this particular incident and they want parents
5:32 am
and students and everyone in this community to be aware of what has taken place but again police will be in force along the routes kids take to and from schools, live from the area ktvu channel 2 morning news alex savage. this was the scene last night as angry people showed up to speak out against 5 deadly officer involved shootings and the most recent was the last week when police shot mario romero when they thought he had a gun. joseph grimes was at the meeting to talk about the possibility of creating a citizen review board. but things quickly turned chaotic forcing committee members to cancel the meeting. >> what are you going to do about the officers killing our kids. >> this committee has no jurisdiction over what they are
5:33 am
talking about. >> a vallejo city council member invited people to attend tonight's city council meeting to have their voices heard about the recent shootings. coming in from san jose two people literally had to jump out of a window to get to an apartment fire. it happened at an apartment complex in monterey. these are live pictures and look at the damage here. this is where firefighters are still cleaning things up. one person had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for second degree burns. firefighters got things under control. so far we have no idea and it appears to have started on the second floor of that two story building. they damaged more than a dozen buildings. this comes after several
5:34 am
thousand people showed up over the weekend. it was held inside a former ink factory and they invited them for one last show before the building is renovated, but the doors closed just before midnight and some people did not get inside and they started tagging businesses. >> they walked around to a couple of local people looking at what happened and i gave them my card and said, hey, we will step up to the plate and something was done and we will fix it. some of the business owners expect the cleanup to take up to four days to complete and they also say it was about $7,000 in damage. now we have posted more video of the graffiti produced by endless canvas. just go to our website and look for the video player on our front page. more than 3,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks. the people will honor the
5:35 am
victims, tara moriarty is in san francisco with what they are doing to remember the victims, tara? >> reporter: in an hour ceremonies will begin as the mayor as well with as the fire chief and other firefighters will begin here to put the flag at half staff and observe a moment of silence. you will notice the tower is lit up in red white and blue. all firefighters will hold a vigil to remember the fallen. if you would like to honor the fallen, the public is welcome at all local fire station. >> it will be somber and humbling, it is a tradition here in san francisco that since then we read all the names from the time of the accident and tragedy and we read all the names in the
5:36 am
morning, so it is emotional. it is quiet -- it is a quite, some -- quiet somber moment. >> in san jose, there will be a flame lighting ceremony in oak hill memorial park at 9:00 this morning and then again at 6:00 tonight. a rememberance ceremony is also planned for the flight 93 and live in san francisco, i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. hop anything 9/11 victims is just now starting at ground zero. live in new york kraig has the details, good morning kraig. >> reporter: a very busy emotional day as crowds stream into lower manhattan, whether they are coming for commemorations there is a hush as they get closer to the world
5:37 am
trade center site. they also come to honor the ground zero museums. >> reporter: 11 years ago today, lives around the u.s. were forever changed. >> it crashed, the other trade center is down, it is down. >> reporter: coordinated attacks were carried out by extremists who hijacked commercial airlinessers. a 4th crashed into sanctionville pennsylvania after they attempted to gain control, since then they pledged to never forget the names lost. a museum was supposed to be open but building funds all but ceased. >> it will give us a chance to tell the story of what really happened there in a very moving and thought full way. >> reporter: some say the completed world trade center site will be a fitting tribute.
5:38 am
>> i think the progress at the entire world trade center site is a testimony to the resill generals -- resilience. >> right now all the attention is turning towards the commemorations that are just now getting underway. back to you dave. >> in just a few minutes, president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will observe a moment of silence at the white house. we will be pausing to remember the moment the first plane crashed into the world trade center and in just a few moments we will take you to the lawn for that first moment of silence. >> let's go back over to sal for a look at your traffic, good morning, sal. right now we are starting off the morning well, 80 westbound is certainly getting more crowded as you drive off
5:39 am
and meetingerring lights are not on and they are moving onto the toll plaza and on to the bridge which is crowded already. there is an injury crash on the shoulder which could be causing problems through the pleasanton area and after that a drive through valley -- through the valley looks good >> >> if you want cooler weather go west, fog is increasing and it is a little guy low setting up more fog and breezy, about the same tomorrow, but it looks like warmer weather starts on friday into saturday. tropical clouds continue to stay east and south of us, it does not look like anything is on the way yet. in antioch, they made it to 49 and warmed up to 90, amazing.
5:40 am
santa rosa made it to 45, 24 hours ago. they are still on the cool side. there is a westerly breeze and sea breeze component, there is a low showing it will be cooler and increasing cloud deck sending it up the coast on shore breeze a little stronger, not too crazy. fog, sun, nice, temperatures inland, it will be anywhere from 60 -- 60 to 90 degrees. fairfield over napa, upper 80s to some, alameda, san jose cupertino all in there as well. redwood city san bruno 68 and 66 in the city. it looks like warmer weather
5:41 am
towards the end of the week and with your weekend in view, we could see increases in temperatures by saturday. we continue to remember a dark day in america's history. people around the country are pausing to mark the anniversary of 9/11. we are live in washington d.c. and we will take you down to ground zero as well. they want a delay in the hearing on the ethics case. to pay full price.
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. good morning low clouds increasing on the coast, a little bit of a cooler pattern, 90 degrees inland. here is a look at some of the top stories we are
5:44 am
following. one person suffered second degree burns after an early morning apartment fire in san jose. two people reportedly jumped out of a window. it took 30 minutes to put the fire out and the cause is still under investigation. they are investigating a fatal motorcycle crash and they went down in interstate 880 in east oakland. police shut down the freeway around 10:00 last night. there are no reports of that cyclist either speeding or riding recklessly. and police are stepping up patrols following a report of a 15-year-old girl who was kidnapped last week -- who they
5:45 am
tried to kidnap last week. they are removing the sheriff after his no contest plea for a domestic violence incident. they are making a decision on whether or not to fire sheriff ross mirkarimi. he asked for them to delay the report until after the november election. the interim fire chief in gilroy has resigned after buying alcohol for a minor. he was cited during a sting operation and yesterday he resigned. he retired before taking over as gilroy's interim fire chief last month. happening right now, 9/11 rememberance ceremonies are just starting in washington d.c., shanksville pennsylvania and we are watching the guards right there at the doors and president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will
5:46 am
be walking out as well. and here is more since 9/11 attacks and there is the president and first lady. they will be coming out and in just a moment, 5:46 our time they will be observing a moment of silence around the world and in the bay area as well and that's the time that the first plane crashed american airlines plane hit the first tower and they are marking that moment which will be the beginning of the ceremony this morning. >> it is now 5:46, pam, that very moment... [ observing a moment of silence ]
5:47 am
. all right, we are observing the first lady and brock observing the moment of silence marking again the time that the first plane hit the tower 11 years ago today. we are watching live the ceremonies honoring the victims in washington d.c. also at ground zero, there is also a
5:48 am
memorial at shanksville pennsylvania whereof course the flight bound for san francisco crashed in that field and including the pentagon as well, family members and political leaders at the pentagon will be reading the names of the victims of the people who lost their lives that day. >> please note, the flag, that is not an intact flag, it is a damaged flag and it is from one of the scenes that was attacked on 9/11. a fascinating scene of the color guards, firefighters, officials all of the people gathered there watching what is happening. this is in new york, live pictures from ground zero, a reflecting pole and now back at the white house, we are showing you how president barack obama and first lady michelle obama are walking back to observe that moment of silence. >> we will be continuing the
5:49 am
moment of silence and the rememberance ceremonies going on in all of those locations as well as here in the bay area. the fire department is welcoming anyone to the local fire department if you would like to come out and share the day because certainly we had a lot of emergency responders who helped. >> and also on our channel 2 website, we have a list of all the various events taking place. sal is coming back, he will help you get to where you need to go, sal? good morning, we are looking at your way to work and we will look at highway 24 because highway 24 is getting more crowded on the way to the up until, there are no major problems to the bridge. highway 4 is already crowded in antioch heading west to
5:50 am
pittsburgh. and the toll plaza, we don't have a big crowd yet, there is a small crowd in some of the lanes but it is still a nice drive into san francisco. 5800 westbound, still slowed traffic approaching the area noninjury crash on the shoulder is causing a distraction. let's go to steve. low clouds increasing on the coast, a little cooler today, only a few for some inland areas. one day we warm up, the next day we cool down. no tropical clouds, and the fog continues to move up the coast. 40s and 50s, not bad for some, a little cooler for others. it is right there and it is starting to increase the fog. slightly cooler temperatures, but pie thursday and friday it looks like a decrease in the
5:51 am
fog. fog sun, nice, cooler breezy at times, forecasted highs near 60s to 90 degrees and it is still a summertime pattern and even though, by september we start to say goodbye but upper 80s and 90s for others, sunny veil 80, 66 in the city, low 60s on the santa cruz coast. warmer weather will start to return by the end of the week and maybe a breeze north wind kicks in late sunday into monday. thank you, steve. new security roles for the fans. >> it was a lot different even 5 the game started. plus, the mystery of that air is in several counti
5:52 am
who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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5:54 am
. all right, 54:00, buy -- 5:54, something stings in california. people is are smelling rotten
5:55 am
eggs and it is going to san francisco to california. it is the salt water lake 150 miles east of l.a last week a lot of fish died off and the strong winds may have picked up that smell and spread it several hundred miles. they are expected to tell us the latest on the last month's fire. it was badly thinned before it failed. it was sent to a lab to be investigated for possible croaks which may have -- core ewings which may have caused a rupture. mistakes were made about notifying the public about dangerous pollution. they will now improve the way emissions are measured during a disaster. today, family and friends
5:56 am
are brought together where a man died where he went tubing with friends. olson's name was written on a hillside near the is school. a candle light vigil is beginning at 7:00 tonight and there is more information about the vigil on a facebook page that was set up in his name. problems with punting, a new season for the oakland raiders, and they -- how are you doing fellow? there was a touchdown and the raiders, there were three punt that went bad after the proballer left the game with an injury as well. they won 22-14. now fans who tailgate are being watched like they have never been watched before.
5:57 am
the nfl has headed -- added tight new security. fans also had to go through special security events. >> they are now required to go through metal detecters and got extra security as -- and fans got extra security as they walked to their seats. they can call security could come to their section if they are needed. >> sorry, sal, i am a san diego girl. i have to route for the chargers. >> you have to route for the team where you are a fan of. good morning, traffic is moving around relatively well. 880, that traffic is moving around nicely and so far so good heading to the south of
5:58 am
the bay let's go back to dave and pam. here across america, it is september 11th, live picture in new york, you are looking at the memorial where they are reading names and it is continuing coverage of the anniversary of 9/11 which takes you back to new york and to our local ceremonies honoring the fallen of that day. and we will have the very latest from the scene. clouds and fog is on the way which means it will be a little cooler so i will have those forecasted attempts in two minutes.
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